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Retainer and Feature Walls


Block Clearing, Slashing and Firebreaks

whether you require clearing of your block for a new house pad, slashing or firebreaks installed, we have all the equipment to do the job.

General Earthmoving

A lot of our clients are embarking on building a home on their property and quite frankly, a lot of  them are a little overwhelmed with what lies ahead for them. It needn't be a stress. Once you have chosen your builder to build your new home, we'll be there to do the rest, eliminating the need to track down a different contractor for all the prep work and outside finishing touches you require. We do it all from the clearing of your block, constructing your house, shed, tank pads, digging the trenching for your septics and leach drains, constructing your retaining walls, ground shaping for your new gardens and creating a driveway up to your new home. We have found that our clients have found it to be a huge weight off their shoulders to deal with one trusted contractor that is with them through the whole process. Everything from large commercial projects to beautiful backyards. We'll do all the ground work for you.

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Bobcat Services

A bobcat is a great way of getting those smaller jobs done like the levelling of sand pads and cutting out driveways ready for rolling, but they are particularly handy for block clean-ups, ground shaping and landscaping.

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We specialise in driveways and crossovers for shire approval. We use a variety of aggregates to suit your taste wether it be gravel, bitumen or split pea gravel we are confident you will be thrilled with the completed job. We can also arrange for hotmix driveways and kerbing if required.

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Retainer & Feature Walls

Sometimes these are required to contain a sand pad or to create different levels on steep sites or just to make a statement as an entrance to your property or as part of your landscaping. Whatever their purpose may be, we are experienced in making sure you get exactly what you want. We work with limestone blocks, both flat and bevelled, granite and coffee rock, either dry stone or set and  wooden sleepers.

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Digger Work

Whatever your needs, we have the equipment for the job. We can dig trenches for pipework, electrical conduit and drainage, holes for the installation of septics and leach drain and we have a 20 tonne digger for the big jobs such as soaks and dams.

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Landscape Supplies

We deliver a comprehensive range of products from Mon-Sat.

  • Wood chips, mulches, soils and bedding mixes
  • Aggregates, Premix, metal dust and Yellow/White Brickies sand
  • Fill sand, Plasters Sand, Lime sand/Rubble
  • Gravel, Granite, coffee Rock
  • Plants and Pots
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